Interior and trim work so far:

Stripped interior
Thin aluminum door panels, rear-firewall, etc
Lexan windows (except windshield)
GTS-Classics "Le Mans" seats, 5-point harness'
Mark Donahue 13" steering wheel
S/s radiator grille
6-point roll cage with intrusion bars

Finding decent seats that will hold in place the enthusistic driver is a little hard with the

TR6, due to the limited cockpit width of the car, made worse by the use of the Surrey

top. One option is to re-bolster the stock seats. Another option is to use Porsche 914
seats; the after-market versions made by Scheel (NLA) are excellent.  GTS-Classics

make repros of the Scheels.  The Porsche seats still do not offer very much support

and in typical German fashion, are as hard as a plank.  Restuffing will be required.

I've heard that Miata seats fit well, and are very comfortable. There are
sites on the web that detail how to fit them.

Electrics (in progress)

Rewired from scratch using a kit provided by Dan Masters, all circuits on relays
Cibie driving lamps
Marchal "Cats Eye" main/low
LED array stop lamps
Battery relocated to behind passenger seat; using a FIA/NHRA/SCCA approved battery box.

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Last update: 2 Dec, 2003