1974 Triumph TR6 Lightweight "Club Racer"

This is the car Triumph should have built. Building on the success of the Group 44 and Kastner-Brophy teams racing in 1970s SCCA, the TR6 "Club Racer" built in small numbers would have been a great sales success on the street, and because it would have qualified for D-Production in 1975, would have been successful on the tracks as well.

This is my effort to build the car that never was, using new technology and hot-rodding knowledge, yet retain a simplicity of times gone-by. I dedicate this little car to one of the world's greatest, honest and affordable sports cars.

Stay tuned.

Note added 1/13/06: Web pages have not been updated in over a year.  See my blog for updates.

Frame, Body & Hardtop (done)

Motor (done)

Drivetrain (done)

Suspension (done)

Brakes (nearly done)

Interior and Electrics (nearly done)

Details: All nuts and bolts replaced with grade 8, or AN. Critical applications safety-wired.

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Last update: 2 Dec 2003.